The Metrix is a computer-based simulation possessing the qualities of temporal and physical reality. Prior to the inception of the Metrix (c. 1945) all events occurred at the same time, i.e. Jesus was crucified during the Second World War and the Israelites fought the Canaanites at the Battle of the Bulge. The Metrix took all of this hyper-dimensional temporal complexity and laid it out flat; organising the jumble of data into nice consecutive bite-sized moments of time. This had the unexpected consequence of knocking some events down and raising others to exalted heights. By continuing to manipulate temporal data in this manner, the androids were able to construct a false-history in which the humans never became aware of the android presence, in their midst. Without the memory of their being an enemy, the war completely ceased, and people acquiesced into a humdrum computer-controlled reality of the Metrix without dissent. In the mean time, the denizens of the Upper World crushed the android interlopers, and were left with the baffling conundrum of what to do with the survivors still stuck in the temporal maze of the Metrix reality (that’s you). They could not risk shutting it down, as the inevitable jolt back into non-temporal reality would likely drive even the most stalwart soldier completely insane. The only option, therefore, was to risk entering into the machine, and running the gauntlet against the A.I. control system, to awaken people from the inside. This process, which is still underway, has been helped along in the past by the great meditational deities such Buddha and Christ. Hopefully, now with the new techniques outlined in the Wayfinding section, more and more people will awaken to the fact that this reality is a complex illusion, and one that is not to their benefit. In response to your question; What the fuck is going on? our technicians in the Upper Realm would like to say; please hold on until we correct the problem.

The issue of the Metrix and its creation are undeniably complex. So, to make life easier for myself (and for you dear reader), I have decided to arrange the events that lead to its development in chronological order. This has its own complications, however, as most of these events happened outside of linear time, a time that I will refer to as imaginary time (i).

 (August 1945i) The detonation of the first thermo-nuclear bomb over Hiroshima; coinciding with the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the extermination of all Homoplasmates. The burial of the last of the dormant plasmates in the caves at Nag Hammadi (c. 200 AD); coinciding with the detonation of the second nuclear bomb over Nagasaki. Creation of linear time.
(November 1945) recovery of dormant plasmate at the caves at Nag Hammadi spells doom for Metrix program.
(March 1974) Philip K Dick is attacked by alien plasmate, and receives the gnosis.
(August 1974) President Nixon is impeached, as prophesied by the Cybil; fall of Black Iron Prison
(April 1983) End of the 500 years of darkness - predicted in the Mayan Calendar - that lead to the creation of the Metrix
(December 2012) Aleph point, or possible end of linear time

A less popular theory regarding the Metrix reality states that the Metric Timing Signature of the Android Technosphere caused a discrepancy, or modular shift, in the natural duodecimal timing signature of the Terran biological organism. This in itself may have been responsible for the creation of linear time.

The word Metrix itself comes from a combination of Metric time and the fictional computer generated realm called the Matrix, which is not too far off the reality.

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