It is not the animal, but more what they symbolise that is important to Androidosophy. In Christian iconography the white dove symbolises the Holy Spirit. Jesus referred to it as the Councillor, or the Spirit of truth that would descend upon humanity when it came time for him to depart (John:16:12:13) . Later on, in the Book of John, Jesus transmits the Holy Ghost to one of the apostles by breathing on him, though it is clear that what is meant here is not breath in the conventional sense, but rather the breath of life, or Spirit.

In any case, the Science Fiction writer Philip K Dick believed the Holy Ghost to be an alien creature possessed of shapeshifting abilities. He called this creature the plasmate, and specified that it could bond with a human “by traveling up the optic nerve and using the brain as a female host”. The resulting hybrid creature was then referred to him as a homoplasmate, and was consequently possessed of a number of super-human abilities such as the creation of solid matter out of thin air (the loaves and fishes miracle), the instantaneous knowledge of sacred texts (gnosis) etc. When the disciples ate the loaves and the fishes, they were eating the body of replicating plasmate that can take the form of anything it chooses, no matter how big or how small. This is the reason for Jesus Christ saying “I am the bread of life”, because his body was indistinct from that of the plasmates. It is possible that PKD believed himself to be one of Christ’s apostles in a former existence (that one known as Philip) and that this to entitled him to homoplasmate status.

It is not uncommon to see a stripped down version of the white dove depicted alongside the host in Christian churches and literature. What is actually being depicted here is the plasmate, which looks almost indistinguishable from this dove-like image in its unaltered, or pure form. It is a good bet that wherever a homoplasmate witnesses one of these symbols they will find safe passage or shelter. Although the machinery of society was ultimately constructed by the artificial intelligence behind the Metrix, many of its institutions and affiliations are now in the hands of Upper Realm agents. For instance, the Social Welfare office in my country displays a logo bearing the plasmate. This means that a percentage of the people on unemployment benefits (the dole) are Upper Realm agents, employed – via the state – to bring about the end of the Metrix reality. Similarly, organizations such as the HSE, the Eastern Health Board and others, are covers for Upper Realm disclosure initiatives.

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