Great Tree

The Great Tree, also known as the World Tree, the Axis Mundi (World Axis) and the Tree of Life, is a dimensional gateway to the Upper Realms, and Bardos, located at magnetic North. When feeling lost Homoplasmates are told to look in this direction, and then they will surely receive guidance. Upon dying all Homoplasmates are told to travel in this direction to achieve rebirth in the Upper Realms. The tree can also be represented by the nine runged ladder of the alchemists, which connects it to the Nordic Yggdrasil, the Universal Tree which serves as gateway to the nine realms of the afterlife. The ladder is equivalent to Jacob’s Ladder, which is described in the Bible, as stretching from Heaven to Hell.
In the Prasna Upanishad, the Highest Brahman Pippalada says that upon death worldly men travel south to rebirth upon this Earthly plane, and those who have renounced the world travel north to Eternal Life. It can be understood, therefore, that there are two Great Trees, one located at magnetic south and the other at magnetic north. Both of these trees are energy vortices that have their own specific charge. After death, the souls of the deceased are attracted to one or other of these vortices; depending on whether they have accumulated a negative or positive field during their lifetime here on Earth. A positive field can be generated through good works and spiritual practices; this is karmic law. The plasmate (not being of this Earth) is positively charged, so all Homoplasmates are attracted to the north pole (neg) at the point of death. Most human beings are selfish creatures, and therefore negativily charged. It is for this reason that they will descend to the positively charged south pole – a clear case of opposites attracting. The purpose of the south pole is to give these wayward souls another chance to redeem themselves through good acts and charitable thinking; so start now! If you miss your chance at liberation, via the Ground Luminousity or right or left channels of Buddhist philosophy, you may find yourself in a world that looks very much like this one. When you go outside of you body/house, you will come across many beatuiful people who know you by name, though you will not remember them. They will speak telepathically to you, and point you in the direction of that region most befitting your deeds. You will not need much coaxing, the magnetic pull of the northern great tree is both soft and alluring. There will be no need for tears at this time, only rejoicing. The tree itself is marvellous to behold; filled with lights and dancing spirits.

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