What we are discussing here is not the insect that we have come to know on Earth, but rather a transcendental organism that is possibly responsible for the construction of the honey-combed realities that the Shade Alliance inhabit. This is indeed disturbing thought when we consider the analogy between the bee and the plasmate, the alien creature that can assume many forms and is principle in the spiritual evolution of mankind on Earth. When a human being achieves a state of meditation conducive to the opening of the Lotus or Crown Chakra, it is said that the resulting blossoming is irresistable to the plasmmate, who produces ‘honey’ in return for the nectar of this purple energy centre. The ‘honey’ is equivalent to the gnosis sought after by yogis and mystics. The appearance of the plasmate is often unwarrented, which is why Jesus Christ says that it arrives “like a thief in the night”. Its propensity to attack people in this manner further likens its action to that of a stinging bee or wasp. The knowledge it imparts is frequently of a terrifying nature, so contrived as to produce the death of the ego, and the bouts of aggression and depression that can result are attributal to the phrase; a bee in his/her bonnet. Furthermore, the phrase "The birds and the bees", both of which have some connection to the plasmate, may imply that the plasmate has a role in the course of human reproduction, by perhaps bestowing a spirit on the newly conceived child. It has been reported elsewhere that the plasmate may represent an aphrodisiac of some kind.

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