The androids constructed by the Shade Alliance are indistinguishable from humans, making them the ultimate retro-virus. They are programmed to construct a technological connectivity network across the face of the entire planet. The scheme is equivalent to our scientists attempting to graft electronic circuits onto a single-cellular organism. This action, however, did not go unnoticed by the Earth’s natural defence mechanism; a human alien hybrid called the Homoplasmates. The homoplasmates first noted the arrival of the androids by their strange customs, in particular their use of metal coins for barter. The androids continued to wage war against the human inhabitants and eventually succeeded in gaining control of the Republic. Their involvement in this political arena is the reason for it being referred to as the Robotman, Roboman or Roman Empire (for short). The Roman Empire was responsible for the elimination of all Homoplasmates, including their leader Jesus Christ, as well as the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.
In Philip K Dick’s novel Valis, Sherri tells Horselover Fat about how the Soviet T-34 tanks knocked out German infantry during World War II. “The T-34s,” Sherri explained, “moved very rapidly. At Kursk they even knocked out Porsche Elefants.” Despite what the history books tell you the T-34s were not tanks, but were in fact androids, like the T-800 series from the Terminator films. Likewise, the Porsche Elefants shared more in common with the AT-ATs, from George Lucas’ Star Wars movie, than another type of known armored vehicle.

In this image of the Battle at Hoth (Kursk), the 
Homoplasmates are in the AT-ATs (Porche Elefants)
while the T-34 androids are depicted as foot soldiers.
While it is certain that misinformation is a common tool
 used by the enemy, it is unclear whether Lucas
deliberately intended to mislead, or if the intel was
lost in translation.

The existence of android agenda is continuously referred to in movies like Terminator, where robots from the future attempt to kill humanity’s last hope, John Connor (JC = Jesus Christ). A more precise portrait of the android invasion comes from the latest Battlestar Galactica TV series, where robots who are indistinct from humankind have infiltrated the survivors of a major cataclysm. In short, what this tells us is that the android apocalypse is not something which will occur in the future, but something that has already happened.

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