Shade Alliance

The Shade Alliance describes the exo-political branch of inter-dimensional species who have an aggressive agenda towards the people of Earth. Their existence and habits were first extensively documented in Carlos Castaneda's book The Art of Dreaming, in which lucid dreaming practices allowed Carlos to gain entry into their world. According to his teacher and handler Don Juan, an old Native American brujo, the Shadow People (by virtue of their inorganic body chemistry) have an indefinite lifespan. Such is their longevity that their experience of time is more protracted than our own. Indeed, many of our own lifetimes can elapse before they even take notice of us, and even then, they only do so if the person reaches a certain level of spiritual development.

The Shadow People can move incredibly fast across the night side of the Earth, using inter-dimensional gates, which appear out of nowhere and look similar to airport gates. This method of travel is referred to as Dark Running. The Shade Alliance is responsible for the establishment and up keep of a number of important Earth-based corporations, such as; the mainstream media, the military industrial complex and telecommunications services.

There are three major events in Earth's history that are directly related to Shade Alliance interference. These are;
  • The artificial induced axial tilt of the Earth to its current position of 23.5 degrees. This was done in order to facilitate the next point.
  • The introduction of nano-technology androids to begin to construct a technosphere on the living cell Earth.
  • The inception of linear time, after the last War World, via the construction of the Continuity Array System (CAS).
The Shade Alliance phenomenon is popularly referred to under the title of Shadow People. These are "supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on walls and ceilings in the viewer's peripheral vision. They are often reported moving with quick, jerky movements, and quickly disintegrate into walls or mirrors." Wiki Article: Shadow People.

Shade Alliance operatives are shapeshifting entities and can appear as black cats, owls or other nocturnal animals. From our perspective the Shadow People are limited to the 2-dimensional plane, but there is evidence that they exist in a world with at least as many dimensions as our own. Most of the worlds major leaders are androids that are directly bonded to their Shade Alliance controllers by means of their shadows.



An important consequence of following the path of enlightenment is the eventual manifestation of what is known as a Rainbow Body. The rainbow body is merely the outer manifestation of the seven chakras and the associative colours. However, they also appear as signs and portents following on from the death of an adept. If you regularly see vivid rainbows in the sky, accompanied by volcanoes (on TV news reports, for instance) this is a clear indication that an adept (Homoplasmate) has passed on. Other signs which can hail the imminent death of a person, according to the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying, are investigations and shadows of people being cast upon the morning sky. The Buddhist mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' has six syllables, which is therefore considered to be a sacred number. Uttering this mantra whilst meditating on each of the seven chakras/rainbow colors, in turn, produces 42 syllabic iterations in total. 42 is the number of degrees between the primary rainbow and the shadow of the observer. It is also important in terms of the Bardo of Dharmata, further cementing the concept that the Bardo of Dharmata is indeed equivalent to the Chakra System and the Rainbow Body itself.



Wayfinding is a system of intelligence gathering that involves filling diaries and notebooks with miscellaneous thoughts, and fictional concepts, newspaper clippings, and random reminders. Then, through a process of analogical causality, which bears more in relation to magick than to objective research, the seemingly random juxtapositions of data can be interpreted into a coherent and breathtaking flow of rational naratives. In this way, Wayfinding bears many similarities to Bryon Gyson’s cut-up method, and the automatic writing and drawing of the Surrealist movement; and can indeed incorporate all of these.
A good example of Wayfinding can be found in Tim Burton’s 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow, in which Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) writes down a disconnected stream of related thoughts on a sheet of paper, which in turn produces a coherent sentence; the sentence, in this case, being “The conspiracy points to Van Tassle”. However, it will not always be the case that randomly organised strings of sentences will be divested of such innate meaning, and it may be necessary for the Wayfinder to employ his/her experience and imagination to fill in the blanks, as it were.
Although the process of Wayfinding is itself entirely random, there are some initial parametres which, ought to be observed. For instance, Wayfinding should begin with a diary or notebook whose empty pages are gradually filled, without contrivance. You are urged to;
  • paste newspaper clippings of interest to you
  • invent short stories and narratives
  • jot down random notes in the margins; the name of a band you heard on the radio, and important event in your calendar etc.
When the notebook is filled it should be discarded and forgotten about until a later time.
Upon rediscovering the document the miscellaneous entries should be read in a linear fashion with all information seen as directly related to one another and taken as absolute truth.
If you are an Upper Realm operative you should obviously possess, at least, one of these notebooks already; so I urge you to go look for it. But if you don't have one, don't worry. Upper Realm agents are always on the look out for dormant operatives and/or new recruits. So why not begin a Wayfinding manual today?




The Metrix is a computer-based simulation possessing the qualities of temporal and physical reality. Prior to the inception of the Metrix (c. 1945) all events occurred at the same time, i.e. Jesus was crucified during the Second World War and the Israelites fought the Canaanites at the Battle of the Bulge. The Metrix took all of this hyper-dimensional temporal complexity and laid it out flat; organising the jumble of data into nice consecutive bite-sized moments of time. This had the unexpected consequence of knocking some events down and raising others to exalted heights. By continuing to manipulate temporal data in this manner, the androids were able to construct a false-history in which the humans never became aware of the android presence, in their midst. Without the memory of their being an enemy, the war completely ceased, and people acquiesced into a humdrum computer-controlled reality of the Metrix without dissent. In the mean time, the denizens of the Upper World crushed the android interlopers, and were left with the baffling conundrum of what to do with the survivors still stuck in the temporal maze of the Metrix reality (that’s you). They could not risk shutting it down, as the inevitable jolt back into non-temporal reality would likely drive even the most stalwart soldier completely insane. The only option, therefore, was to risk entering into the machine, and running the gauntlet against the A.I. control system, to awaken people from the inside. This process, which is still underway, has been helped along in the past by the great meditational deities such Buddha and Christ. Hopefully, now with the new techniques outlined in the Wayfinding section, more and more people will awaken to the fact that this reality is a complex illusion, and one that is not to their benefit. In response to your question; What the fuck is going on? our technicians in the Upper Realm would like to say; please hold on until we correct the problem.

The issue of the Metrix and its creation are undeniably complex. So, to make life easier for myself (and for you dear reader), I have decided to arrange the events that lead to its development in chronological order. This has its own complications, however, as most of these events happened outside of linear time, a time that I will refer to as imaginary time (i).

 (August 1945i) The detonation of the first thermo-nuclear bomb over Hiroshima; coinciding with the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the extermination of all Homoplasmates. The burial of the last of the dormant plasmates in the caves at Nag Hammadi (c. 200 AD); coinciding with the detonation of the second nuclear bomb over Nagasaki. Creation of linear time.
(November 1945) recovery of dormant plasmate at the caves at Nag Hammadi spells doom for Metrix program.
(March 1974) Philip K Dick is attacked by alien plasmate, and receives the gnosis.
(August 1974) President Nixon is impeached, as prophesied by the Cybil; fall of Black Iron Prison
(April 1983) End of the 500 years of darkness - predicted in the Mayan Calendar - that lead to the creation of the Metrix
(December 2012) Aleph point, or possible end of linear time

A less popular theory regarding the Metrix reality states that the Metric Timing Signature of the Android Technosphere caused a discrepancy, or modular shift, in the natural duodecimal timing signature of the Terran biological organism. This in itself may have been responsible for the creation of linear time.

The word Metrix itself comes from a combination of Metric time and the fictional computer generated realm called the Matrix, which is not too far off the reality.


Great Tree

The Great Tree, also known as the World Tree, the Axis Mundi (World Axis) and the Tree of Life, is a dimensional gateway to the Upper Realms, and Bardos, located at magnetic North. When feeling lost Homoplasmates are told to look in this direction, and then they will surely receive guidance. Upon dying all Homoplasmates are told to travel in this direction to achieve rebirth in the Upper Realms. The tree can also be represented by the nine runged ladder of the alchemists, which connects it to the Nordic Yggdrasil, the Universal Tree which serves as gateway to the nine realms of the afterlife. The ladder is equivalent to Jacob’s Ladder, which is described in the Bible, as stretching from Heaven to Hell.
In the Prasna Upanishad, the Highest Brahman Pippalada says that upon death worldly men travel south to rebirth upon this Earthly plane, and those who have renounced the world travel north to Eternal Life. It can be understood, therefore, that there are two Great Trees, one located at magnetic south and the other at magnetic north. Both of these trees are energy vortices that have their own specific charge. After death, the souls of the deceased are attracted to one or other of these vortices; depending on whether they have accumulated a negative or positive field during their lifetime here on Earth. A positive field can be generated through good works and spiritual practices; this is karmic law. The plasmate (not being of this Earth) is positively charged, so all Homoplasmates are attracted to the north pole (neg) at the point of death. Most human beings are selfish creatures, and therefore negativily charged. It is for this reason that they will descend to the positively charged south pole – a clear case of opposites attracting. The purpose of the south pole is to give these wayward souls another chance to redeem themselves through good acts and charitable thinking; so start now! If you miss your chance at liberation, via the Ground Luminousity or right or left channels of Buddhist philosophy, you may find yourself in a world that looks very much like this one. When you go outside of you body/house, you will come across many beatuiful people who know you by name, though you will not remember them. They will speak telepathically to you, and point you in the direction of that region most befitting your deeds. You will not need much coaxing, the magnetic pull of the northern great tree is both soft and alluring. There will be no need for tears at this time, only rejoicing. The tree itself is marvellous to behold; filled with lights and dancing spirits.



The Continuity Array System (CAS), often jokingly referred to as Cassandra, after the illfated Greek medium, is a broadcasting network, set up by the Shade Alliance. Its purpose is to partially obscure mankind’s memory of that region of spacetime, known as the future. To recapitulate this lost information mankind is forced inexorably in the direction of the missing data. This process, which we refer to as time, did not exist prior to the constuction of this array system, and consequently all historical information documented prior to its inception should be considered to be happening at one and the same time. So for example, every story in Old Testament of the Bible is merely a retelling of the same events, which occurred during the New Testament and all later events right up to the end of the Second World War. This may, in fact, be related to the looped time that Philip K Dick suggested to have occurred between 70 AD and 1947, however, the data is too scrambled to really pull apart and analyse properly.
According to research done by Terrence McKenna, looped time, of the type PKD described, is the only kind of time there is, and he suggests the loop is getting progressively tighter and tighter with each recurring sequence. This, he says, will result in a singularity that will be the end of time, coinciding with the end of Mayan Calendar in 2012. Perhaps this is the datum set for the destruction of Cassandra, and a return to the non-temporal reality of the ancients. However, another signal from the Upper Realm, the song Not Getting There by Blonde Redhead, suggests otherwise.
One other important factor in the manipulation of our awareness of spacetime, was the creation of a separate reality, with its own false laws and history.* This false reality is the Black Iron Prison, or Samsara of the Buddhists. The combination of the loss of man’s divinity, and by that I mean his knowledge of the future and his ability to move through time at will, has resulted in the myriad of problems we see occurring around us. This is because, a more complete understanding of time i.e. the law of cause and effect would percipitate more compassionate feelings, love and empathy across the board.

* It is an unfortunate fact, therefore, that man cannot recapitulate the missing data by moving forward in time, because this data itself is being falsely interpreted.


Cows are an important Wayfinding characteristic of Androidosophy. In the AAC (Aisling Art Copy) there is a newspaper clipping –from the Guardian ­– suggesting  that herds of cows may act like giant compasses, perpetually pointing north. This research was based on the study of thousands of Google Earth images, which seemed to suggest that the greater number of cows contained in a herd, face in this direction at any given time. According to Eastern Yogic Philosophy, there are two possible directions a person can take at the point of death; one is the Southerly direction, ruled by the moon and which leads to rebirth on the earthly plane, and the other is the Northerly direction, which leads to the Sun and eternal life. The Northerly direction is the one chosen by mystics, those who have foresaken earthly considerations. Consequently, the Buddha, at the time of his death, is said to have lain down on his right side, his head facing north, so that he could manifest in the realm of the Eternal. It is interesting to note that the cow, which is the sacred animal of the Hindus, should be pointing in the direction that is most favourable to consciousness transference.
It is said that because hallucinogenic mushrooms grow in cow pats that they possess a special affinity with this animal, and may even derive their power from it. It is no wonder, then, that the liquid contained in a mushroom, though it be red, blue or any other colour, is comonly referred to as milk. The surreal associations between cows and mushrooms, if sufficiently meditated upon, are enough to take the intrepid explorer on a surreal voyage of their own.
In The Serpent’s Teeth by Ovid, Cadmus is threatened with exile from his father’s kingdom if he cannot complete the task of finding his lost sister. This, it turns out, is an impossible task, because his sister was abducted by Jupiter: and who can lay hands on what Jove has stolen away? So it was that Cadmus went to the oracle for guidance. The oracle told him to seek solitary pastures where he would find a heifer, which had never felt the yoke, nor drew the crooked plough. He was to follow this animal until it lay down in the grass, and there he was to build his city walls. As you can see, this is another example of a cow guiding a lost soul to a place of sanctuary. Upon arriving in the promised land, Cadmus and his men are set upon by a ferocious serpent. This part of the tale is an alchemical formula, a spell that once recited, will lead the initiate on a process of transformation.
The act of being devoured by the living God, known as the plasmate, is similar to being devoured by a cow. This is because the process of digestion takes place over several days, and each stage is characterized by a different material density. While a cow has four stomaches the plasmate has anything up to six, each one being a separate Bardo reality. It can be summarized, therefore, that the purpose of any reality is, in some way, to digest the base material of a human being into a more refined product; for the fertilization of yet more exalted states.