The Continuity Array System (CAS), often jokingly referred to as Cassandra, after the illfated Greek medium, is a broadcasting network, set up by the Shade Alliance. Its purpose is to partially obscure mankind’s memory of that region of spacetime, known as the future. To recapitulate this lost information mankind is forced inexorably in the direction of the missing data. This process, which we refer to as time, did not exist prior to the constuction of this array system, and consequently all historical information documented prior to its inception should be considered to be happening at one and the same time. So for example, every story in Old Testament of the Bible is merely a retelling of the same events, which occurred during the New Testament and all later events right up to the end of the Second World War. This may, in fact, be related to the looped time that Philip K Dick suggested to have occurred between 70 AD and 1947, however, the data is too scrambled to really pull apart and analyse properly.
According to research done by Terrence McKenna, looped time, of the type PKD described, is the only kind of time there is, and he suggests the loop is getting progressively tighter and tighter with each recurring sequence. This, he says, will result in a singularity that will be the end of time, coinciding with the end of Mayan Calendar in 2012. Perhaps this is the datum set for the destruction of Cassandra, and a return to the non-temporal reality of the ancients. However, another signal from the Upper Realm, the song Not Getting There by Blonde Redhead, suggests otherwise.
One other important factor in the manipulation of our awareness of spacetime, was the creation of a separate reality, with its own false laws and history.* This false reality is the Black Iron Prison, or Samsara of the Buddhists. The combination of the loss of man’s divinity, and by that I mean his knowledge of the future and his ability to move through time at will, has resulted in the myriad of problems we see occurring around us. This is because, a more complete understanding of time i.e. the law of cause and effect would percipitate more compassionate feelings, love and empathy across the board.

* It is an unfortunate fact, therefore, that man cannot recapitulate the missing data by moving forward in time, because this data itself is being falsely interpreted.

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