Androidosophy, as distinct from Theosophy (the philosophy of Theology) and Anthroposophy (the philosophy of Anthropology), is the philosophy of androids. Its doctrine states that long ago a group of inter-dimesional nano-tech bio-engineers sought to exploit the living computative power of the single-celled organism called Terra, for their own facile, selfish gains. Their plan consisted of the construction and inception of hundreds of self-replicating nano-bots into the Earth’s biosphere, which would then go about the process of constructing a vast technospheric substrate; a network of informational highways.
From there on in, Androidosophy describes the struggle between the Centurions and the Earth’s natural immunity; an human-alien hybrid known as the Homoplasmates. A consequence of this struggle has been the generation of linear time and physical reality, as we know it, through the creation of an artificial and unfolding reality, called the Metrix, which we currently inhabit.*

On top of this, the war between the androids and the homoplasmates saw the creation of the Upper Realms, a subtle energy realm that grew out of the Earth’s creative principle and to which all living creatures revert to when they die. Every human being has a higher-dimensional counterpart intelligence existing in the Upper Realm, who by means of the Earth’s magnetic field, and other complicated gadgetry, steers the course of their lives through the interior maze of the Metrix to ultimate liberation. Humanity at present is stuck inside a mechanism that is entirely aware of every aspect of human psychology and thus makes it almost impossible to escape. Following on from this, it goes without saying that most of the hardships endured by us in physical reality were the creation of an abominable computer intelligence that had no regard for human life.

* Although the actual war between the homoplasmates and the androids ended some time ago, the Metrix program is still running and operatives from the real world are trying to gently coax us out of it via specialized Wayfinding techniques.

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